jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Cooking recipes

Una dels objectius que ens vam proposar en el projecte GAME ( grundtvig) va ser millor el coneixement propi i saber-nos explicar. Una de les maneres que queda poble i nació és manifesta és a través de la gastronomia. Recordeu que vam fer una mostra gastronòmica i intercanviat receptes. Aquí en teniu la versió digital de la revista.
Aquí teniu la versió que van fer els alumnes en anglès.
Per l'alumnat d'informàtica: he usat el calameo (http://es.calameo.com/) un servidor que permet compartir documents en línia i fer-se una versió revista digital. El programa després d'haver-se registrat o usar la nostra contrasenya de xarxes socials en facilitar un codi per inserir al nostre espai web. Issuu (http://issuu.com/) és un altra opció per compartir documents
Bon profit

martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Grundtvig Game Programme 2012/2012

martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Cards Game


Cards games for having so much fun! More than four people but less than twelve when playing with the Spanish deck. Even more players with addition four card more of another Spanish deck for every new player. You can add another card type too: pocker,etc.
PLAYING WHIT 1 SPANISH DECK (Between 4 and 12 players)
OBJECTIVE: To join 4 cards in one of the following possible ways:
1. Join 4 cards of the same number, for example, aces of golds, of cups, of swords and of sticks.
2. Join 4 cards making stair, for example, 4, 5, 6, 7 of stick or 9, 10, 11, 12 of swords.
If it is possible the players make a circle. Whenever to see their four cards, all players, at same time (ONE, TWO,THREE LET'S GO) that they will collect the card of the player on their left, they will throw one card to player on the right.
But any player has units the four cards. In this case he or she will call the word ALSO or BURRO, and at same time that she or he will put his or her hand in the table or a surface where they playing.
All cards will go through player to player “boca abajo” though nobody to can look
So the play continues until one or more players join their cards and sing: ALSO or BURRO. The last player that put her hand will be eliminate.
The game continues with the same process, but without four cards of the player eliminate.

Eloi Robas

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Visita i reunió de treball Grundtvig

Hem tingut una experiència molt interessant en les activitats que hem realitzat durant la visiat d'estudi. La participació de l'alumnat super bona. FELICITATS! MOLT BÉ!, des dels que ens van acompanyar a Sitges, als que van participar en els tallers de ball, malgrat tots els porblemes molt bé la Sardadana i el Polonez, com l'acollida o la mostra de menjars! Quin èxit! uns deien Ummmmmmmmm quan menjaven pastís de taronja o menjaven les humil patates amb tomàquet... molt bé.... crec que tots els nostres amics han quedat molt contents

miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011


Players number: 3 or more (6 or more recommended).
One card per player.
Objective: To have a nice time trying to discover who is “The murder of the night”.
The game develops and proves the ability of the murderer to deceive the rest of the players.

Any kind of cards can be used as long as which one represents the murderer and which one represents the first victim is established previously. For example, when using the Spanish deck it could be established that the king of swords represents the murderer and the ace of cups it’s the first victim. Any other criteria could be used, though.

One card is given to each player (the more the merrier). All the players will take a look at their card and then keep it reversed so that nobody else can see it. Only the first victim will reveal his card (in our example the ace of cups). Then he will say “The night comes” and everyone (expect for him) will shut their eyes; after a short while the murderer will open his eyes and point at his new victims. The first victim will keep them in mind and, after the murderer closes his eyes again, he will say “The sun rises” and tell everyone who are the new victims (1, 2, 3… it depends on the number of players).

At this point, all the players that are still alive will ague and try to find out who is the murderer (while he tries to stay undiscovered). If no clear agreement is reached it will be decided through votes who the murderer is.

If the most voted person was really the murderer, the game is over. Else, a new round is played: everyone shuts their eyes, the murderer kills some more players when “The night comes” and the remaining ones try to discover who did it when “The sun rises”.

The game goes on until there are only 3 players left. At this moment, two of them will point out at the murderer by shacking their hands leaving him out. If one of the handshackers is the murderer, he will kill the other one and win the game. Otherwise, he will be discovered and thus lose the game.

Eloi Robas

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

On the track

Next Study visit.
This month from Wednesday March 30th to Sunday April 3rd some of our partners will visit us.
There will be several activities. The school day will be Friday 1st. That day we will chat and do two work shops. One about dancing and a second one about food and drink with a "Porró  drinking competition" and preparing a "pa amb tomàquet".... and a cooking exhibition.
Students are invite to take part in the activities.
Here's the official invitation.

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Competició de DAMES on line


AT 19:30 UK TIME
Els nostres col·legues del Regne Unit organitzen la gran final en línia. Per participar caldrà tenir un compte del messenger.
v   All winners and runners-up will go through to play in the Final which will be held on Thursday 17 February 2011 at 7.30 pm
v   The match format on that night will be a knockout competition with names for the first round being drawn when the players names are confirmed
v   To play in the finals all players must have an MSN Account via Windows Live Messenger
v   Once each country has a winner and runner-up their names and MSN ID’s must be posted on the GAME group page on Facebook
v   Every winner and runner-up must add the names and MSN id’s of all the other Finals Night players to their MSN Contact Lists